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Step 2 Invite trusted friends and family to help…

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Invite family and friends. Organise tasks and helpers.

Rally Round is a great yet simple idea. Around every frail, ill or newly discharged patient, there are usually friends, relatives and volunteers who are willing and able to help out. In the UK, 7 million people already do just that. For the first time, Rally Round enables you to organise that help in a clear and structured way.

What people are saying.

It has really helped us (and still is) when dealing with a very difficult, stressful situation. We will definitely be recommending Rally Round.

It's been a great help up to now and will prove even more useful as my Dad's Alzheimer's deteriorates.

Having a service like this has been invaluable ... it has enabled me to ask for help in what I feel is a more dignified way without feeling embarrassed about asking.

Jenny Ritchie-Campbell, Director of Services, Strategy and Innovation, Macmillan Cancer Support

Can I use Rally Round?

Rally Round is provided due to the support of Local Authorities, NHS CCGs and Trusts, third sector organisations and Housing Associations.

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