How Rally Round works

Rally Round is a free and secure online tool that family, friends and communities can use to support people in need.

Features like the To-do list, email and text Notifications and the Noticeboard keep everyone in the loop.

To-do list

how it works, to do list, feature
how it works, mobile to do list

Everyone can add jobs that need doing such as shopping, phoning for a chat, sorting out a bill problem…


how it works, notifications, features
how it works, mobile notifications

Text and email alerts remind everyone what needs doing, who is volunteering to help and what has been done, by whom and when.


how it works, noticeboard, feature
how it works, mobile noticeboard

The Network Noticeboard allows anyone to share important information privately across your network members. E.g. emergency phone numbers, useful websites, important dates….

It’s easy to get started…


Start a support network for yourself, for someone else, for a community group or a local neighbourhood: get started.

asking for help


Invite people who could help to join your network

family support


Everyone sees what needs doing , chooses how best to help and adds things for others to do

create tasks

Watch Olive’s story…

Watch how Olive’s daughter starts a network and uses Rally Round to get family and friends helping out more.

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Rally Round is safe and easy to use

Rally Round is secure. Users choose their own passwords and data is encrypted using a SSL certificate (the same technology used to secure online banking).

You can use Rally Round on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, keeping you upto date at work, home or on the go.

Staying safe advice

1. If your network is supporting an individual, only invite people to join the support group if you personally know and trust them. If your network is supporting people in a street or neighbourhood, then think carefully about how you vet people you don’t personally know before inviting them to join.

2. Do not disclose information within Rally Round that you would not want disclosed to all members of the support group on a face-to-face basis.

3.If you ask someone to come into the home to do something then try and ensure someone else is there at the same time.

4. If the person being helped is not personally a member of your support group then agree a regular way to keep them up to speed with what is going on. 

5. Do not pay people in your network to help out.

6. Do not agree to do something and then ask someone else, who is not in the support group, to do it for you.